Our Projects

Project Name: MacLaren Underground Utilities

Location: Woodburn, OR Client:

Oregon Youth Authority

Engineer: Westech Engineering

Est. Completion Date: December 2011

This project at the men’s MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility involved the replacement of aging sewer, storm, and water lines as well as patching, paving and cornet work throughout the active correctional facility.


Project Name: Rivergreen Storm Outfall

Location: Wilsonville, OR

Client: City Of Wilsonville

Engineer: Wilsonville City Engineer

Est. Completion Date: November 2011

The Rivergreen project involved improvements at the Rivergreen Homes subdivision in Wilsonville included construction of a bioswale, rerouting of stormwater discharges, and bank stabilization to repair areas impacted by erosion as well as to prevent further erosion on the riverbank.


Project Name: Main Street Improvements

Location: Oregon City, OR

Client: City Of Oregon City

Engineer: Wallis Engineering

Est. Completion Date: Nov 2011

The Main Street Improvements included installation of new raised concrete intersections and sidewalks in the downtown Oregon City area along with installation of storm sewer, and water lines.  Parking meters, traffic signs, light poles, rain gardens and trees were also replaced during construction.


Project Name: Parr Road/Evergreen Road H20 Main

Location: Woodburn OR

Client: City Of Woodburn

Engineer: City Of Woodburn, Public Works, Engineering Division

Est. Completion Date: November 2011

The main project work elements of the Parr Road/Evergreen Road project included the installation of water line and fire hydrants as well as restoration of asphalt, inlay, pavement marking, traffic signs, and mailboxes.


Project Name: Maple Grove Estates Sewer Improvements

Location: Vancouver, WA

Client: City Of Vancouver

Engineer: City Of Vancouver Engineer

Est. Completion Date: July 2011

For the Maple Grove Estates project, new sewer main was installed along with the installation of manholes and laterals by open cut in order to provide public sewer facilities to homes on septic.


Project Name: McMinville High School Basin I & I Reduction

Location: McMinville, OR

Client: City Of McMinville

Engineer: AKS Engineering & Forestry LLC

Est. Completion Date: March 2011

The McMinville High School project involved installation of new sewer line by means of bursting, CIPP, and open cut methods to replace an aging, 80 year old live sewer system and eliminate inflow and infiltration.


Project Name: Knights Bridge Sanitary Sewer Pump Station

Location: Canby, OR

Client: City Of Canby

Engineer: Curran-McLeod, Inc.

Est. Completion Date: July 2010

The Knights Bridge Pump Station project involved the replacement of an existing submersible duplex sanitary sewer pump station, valve vault, and wet well with a new station having Hydromatic pumps similar to other existing the pump station sin Canby.  electrical controls, sewer laterals and manholes, and curb and rock surfacing were also installed during the project.


Project Name: Oak Creek Parking and Utilities

Location: Albany, OR

Client: Oregon Youth Authority

Engineer: Beamon Architecture, Ltd.

Est. Completion Date: April 2010

The Oak Creek project involved the installation of sewer and water lines as well as parking log excavation at the women’s Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility


Project Name: Bryant Road and Kelok Road force Main and Gravity Sewer

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Client: City of Lake Oswego

Engineer: Brown and Caldwell

Est. Completion Date: August 2009

The project at Bryant Road and Kelok Road included installation of new sewer force and gravity mains, lateral, and manholes in preparation to connect to the sever bypass system within the lake.


Project Name: Thatcher Park/Forest Glen Trail

Location: Forest Grove, OR

Client: City of Forest Grove

Engineer: Group Mackenzie

Est. Completion Date: June 2009

This project consisted of the construction of utilities, paved parking lot, paths, natural turf playing fields, restroom/concessions facilities, playground, landscaping and irrigation, site furnishing, and fencing for the new Thatcher Park in Forest Grove.  The project also included upgrades to the existing Forest Glen Park, consisting of construction of asphalt and gravel trails, landscaping, site furnishings, and fencing.